All These Choices

by Salinas

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released January 24, 2012

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Michael Petkau Falk at MCM Studios, Winnipeg, December 2011.



all rights reserved


Salinas Winnipeg, Manitoba

Salinas was a Winnipeg-based anthemic indie rock band who over the course of 2010 to 2013 released an album, an EP, and two singles. After miles of kilometers, fantastic choices in foreign states, and sweat soaked shows, we’ve concluded this chapter. Matt Austman and Darcy Penner keep kicking ass, and taking a few names here and there. ... more

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Track Name: Paralyzing Lows
Where do you go? Once you've broken the phone? Hoping not to trouble anybody.

Let it end. Whatever it takes to mend. I just can't handle much more.

How do I know? Will I ever know?

So self-absorbed. Assuming you'd hold the door. Waiting for me to retract.

And I'm wrong. Should've acted all along. Drinking as that ship sails past.

How do I know? Will I ever know?

Things we're always gonna get better. It was never supposed to be you. Naive fallacy.

I'm so fucking terrified of ramifications. Driving me back.

What a mistake.
Track Name: Mantra
Our words have split, on this excuse of a relationship. They cut and swell, they burn like hell. If this is all there is, I'll take the gun and bring myself down.

Yet the funny thing is, after all of our time. I don't know your mantra. I'm tired of your double think, and the cost of your guise. I don't know your mantra.

Even the sun brings me down, as this phone is becoming home. It's a sick piece of history, my mind is in misery. Our motion doesn't seem to stop, I wanna fall without this fucking crown.

Where are we now? Are you with me? I don't know your mantra. I'm tired of your double think, and the cost of your guise. I don't know, I don't know.
Track Name: Insufferable
I don't need your understanding, now that I'm older. And I don't need your cold sympathy. It makes me thirsty.


All these choices are my cigarettes. I wanna get together now.

Doing circles in this city. Orbiting around you. You're happier when I play easy. But the frost consumes me.

All these choices are my cigarettes. They're wrapping my mind up with regrets.

I don't know I'm pretending I'm fine. Losing my keys in your mind, I'm pretending for a lie.